clean weapon

clean weapon
"чистое" ядерное оружие

English-russian dctionary of diplomacy. 2014.

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  • clean weapon — /klin ˈwɛpən/ (say kleen wepuhn) noun a military weapon in which measures have been taken to reduce the amount of residual radioactivity relative to a normal weapon of the same energy yield …  

  • clean — [klēn] adj. [ME clene < OE clæne, clean, pure < IE * ĝ(e)lēi < base * ĝel , to gleam > OIr gel, gleaming, white, OHG kleini, gleaming, bright, fine (> Ger klein, small)] 1. a) free from dirt, contamination, impurities, etc.;… …   English World dictionary

  • clean — cleanness, n. /kleen/, adj., cleaner, cleanest, adv., cleaner, cleanest, v. adj. 1. free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained: She bathed and put on a clean dress. 2. free from foreign or extraneous matter: clean sand. 3. free from pollution;… …   Universalium

  • clean — adj., adv., v., & n. adj. 1 (often foll. by of) free from dirt or contaminating matter, unsoiled. 2 clear; unused or unpolluted; preserving what is regarded as the original state (clean air; clean page). 3 free from obscenity or indecency. 4 a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • clean — [[t]klin[/t]] adj. and adv. clean•er, clean•est, 1) free from dirt; not soiled or stained: a clean dress[/ex] 2) free from foreign or extraneous matter; pure: clean sound[/ex] 3) free from pollution or pollutants: clean air; clean energy[/ex] 4)… …   From formal English to slang

  • clean — 1. mod. not using drugs; not involved with drugs. □ There’s a success story. Kelly is one clean guy if I ever saw one. □ I’ve been clean for more than a month now. 2. mod. sober; not intoxicated with drugs at the moment. (Almost the same as sense …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • Clean hands — Hand Hand (h[a^]nd), n. [AS. hand, hond; akin to D., G., & Sw. hand, OHG. hant, Dan. haand, Icel. h[ o]nd, Goth. handus, and perh. to Goth. hin[thorn]an to seize (in comp.). Cf. {Hunt}.] 1. That part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Nuclear weapon design — The first nuclear weapons, though large, cumbersome and inefficient, provided the basic design building blocks of all future weapons. Here the Gadget device is prepared for the first nuclear test: Trinity. Nuclear weapon designs are physical,… …   Wikipedia

  • Nuclear weapon — A bomb redirects here. For other uses, see A bomb (disambiguation). The mushroom cloud of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945 …   Wikipedia

  • Hunting weapon — Hunting weapons are weapons designed or used primarily for hunting game animals for food or sport, as distinct from defensive weapons or weapons used primarily in warfare. CharacteristicsSince human beings are lacking in the natural weapons… …   Wikipedia

  • Mr. Clean — For other uses, see Mr. Clean (disambiguation). Mr. Clean s logo. Mr. Clean is a brand name fully owned by Procter Gamble. It is used for a cleaning solution and related products, and as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser , for a melamine foam cleaner.… …   Wikipedia

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